FORUM in Nicosia, Cyprus

September 27-28, 2007

Our Host: Electricity Authority Cyprus      WWW.EAC.COM.CY

The meeting was held at the new EAC Head office building at the entrance of Nicosia.




1. SF6, EU  regulation   new European directive 842/2006. 

2. Today use of diagnostic/monitoring techniques for the asset manager
-What we use as tools
-How we use to decide
-Impact on your maintenance Policy
-When do you use /frequency

Assumptions we make :
Assumption of the end of life
Probability of failure
Maintenance criteria
Criterions contributing to the decision

3. Oil in power transformers
-Corrosive sulfur (what to do w/ transmission transformer if detected) fashion or reality? 

4. Experience of SF6 diagnostic gas testing

Interaction (integration) of various IT data  to support AM
-Fault analysis
-Inventory data base.
Question to address:
Please describe how do you (in your company) integrate data from various
sources in order to manage assets


Hotel accommodation:

Hilton Cyprus   5*
Archbishop Makarios III Avenue
P.O. Box 22023,
1516 Nicosia,
Tel: +357 22 377777  Fax: +357 22 376101