Asset Management Forum

learn continuously by sharing experience and knowledge

AMforum is an e-mail and communication forum for fast and broad response to strategic and operational challenges related to the management of Transmission and Distribution assets. Two times a year these discussions are made face-to-face during the Forum meetings.

AMforum facilitates an asset managers' "community": utility asset managers and their service providers. The number of applicants is not restricted per company. Today over 200 experts of almost 100 utilities and service providers covering 36 European countries are members.  They invite you to apply for membership  

AMforum's objective is for asset managers to professionally benefit from a permanent, network based information exchange covering experiences of forum members.  AMforum is an independent, not-for-profit organization. It does not sell products or services itself.

This site provides you with the basic information, the membership structure and the (password protected) data-base collection of experiences. Besides, special providers present themselves and their newly developed products and services.

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 FORUM in Porto, Portugal  TBD - postponed  our host REN

  FORUM session includes an interactive discussion group workshop. You can still
  influence the program by indicating your preference. 
FORUM 2019  FORUM  in  Manchester UK  May 14-15, 2019 
FORUM 2018  FORUM 2018 - Nicosia Cyprus May 10-11  our host EAC

 Executive meeting in Brussels November 28th 2018
FORUM 2017  FORUM 2017   Frankfurt  March 27-28 our host EOS
 Executive meeting in Rome  November 15th 2017  our host Terna
FORUM 2016  FORUM 2016    April 19-20, Leatherhead UK, our host Edif/ERA
 Executive meeting Brussels, November 8th 2016, our host ELIA
FORUM 2015   FORUM 2015- April 23-24 Paris, our host RTE
  Executive meeting Brussels 29. October 2015, our host ELIA

FORUM 2014
our 10th anniversary

 Executive meeting November 25th, 2014 Arnhem The Netherlands,
 our host TenneT TSO

  FORUM 2014    PRAGUE our host CEPS

  FORUM 2013   FORUM 2013  Rome   our host Terna

 Executive meeting Glasgow UK, November 18th  2013 - our host TJH2b, EA Technology

Executive meeting

  Executive meeting in Amsterdam, March 15, 2012  - our host TenneT 

  Forum 2011

 FORUM 2011  in Lisbon, Portugal  October 3-4

 Executive meeting Brussels  March 21, 2011 by invitation of ELIA

Forum 2010

 FORUM 2010 in Dublin Ireland October 18-19, attended by over 40 asset managers.
  Our host ESBI.

 Executive meeting March 15, 2010 in Paris - our host RTE

Forum 2009

FORUM 2009  October 5-6 in Athens Greece, attended by over 30 asset managers from 12 countries.

Executive meeting Madrid April 20, 2009 our host UFD and ARCE.

Forum 2008

 FORUM 2008  November 20-21 in Liverpool UK was attended by 45 asset
 managers from 13 countries.
 Executive meeting Stuttgart March 7th, 2008 attended by asset managers
 from 11 countries, our host EnBW.

Forum 2007

Our FORUM September 27-28, 2007 in Nicosia, Cyprus was attended by asset managers from 14 countries. Our host - EAC.

The Executive meeting was held in Prague, March 16, 2007 with asset managers from 10 countries present. Our host - CEPS. 




AMforum has organized a Working Group on Dynamic Resistance Measurement of transformer windings, to provide condition assessment of OLTCs. The first meeting was held in Dublin, October 2010. If you are interested in participating and exchanging data and experience, click here>>>>

Workshop in Madrid May 16, 2011  report>>>
WG Meeting in Stockholm February 15, 2012  report>>>
WG Meeting in Paris January 30, 2013  report>>>
Workshop in Belgrade October 28-29, 2013


data base

 AMforum is collecting information on apparatus failures above 63kV
 If you would like to share this information, join the group. More details>>>>>