Stimulated by regimes that force natural monopolies to operate under market conditions, the asset management process has focused on maximization of benefits. Asset management positions are influenced by local circumstances with the affect that solutions are not universally applicable. However, experiences gained elsewhere can support the optimization of an local process. Besides asset managers are generally not competitors so open exchange of experience will be of mutual benefit.


why a FORUM:

Since ancient times a forum is a place for networking, discussion and exchange of information. AMforum offers such a networking "plaza", based upon e-mail exchange, group discussions and forum session meetings. Dedicated experts join forces through the exchange of information and experiences about asset (management) related problems. As a result, asset managers can expect to implement solutions and approaches as experienced elsewhere, into their own environment.  

The address database, which forms the basis of the network, is operated confidentially. Specific problems and experiences are not related to specific utilities if not allowed. Principally correspondence is anonymously.


history of AMforum:

For over a decade TJ|H2b Analytical Services (TJ|H2b) has facilitated a forum for the exchange of new ideas and new technologies centering on the maintenance of high-voltage electrical equipment through TechCon, an annual conference held in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. In 2004, TJ|H2b explored the possibility of bringing TechCon to the mainland of Europe.

For that reason TJ|H2b contracted with Raka Levi, who had specialized in organizing and running various European utility conferences and colloquia since 1995, to bring together a planning committee which met in February 2004 in Paris. Philip Wester participated in that meeting and proposed organization of a new body - The Asset Management Forum. The outgrowth of that collaborative effort, based on request of participants for non commercial environment and confidentiality of information exchange, led to the development of the present AMforum.

In the ensuing months, following diligent work and personal contacts, approaching utility by utility and country by country, Philip Wester and Dr.Raka Levi succeeded in growing the AM Forum to a membership of over 200 participants representing 94 companies.

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