The organization of this asset management forum is only possible by the generous contributions in both financial as knowledge/experience sense of our members.

Membership of 'AMforum' is company based. Per member company there is no limit to the number of personal members. We invite each to register via this web-site in order to recognize your computer address in an attempt to avoid SPAM.

We recognize three levels of membership:

  • participant,

    • receiving the information with respect to problems occurring but no access to the problem/solution data base, paid participation in 'AMforum' events.

  • contributor,

    • as regular but including access to problem/solution data base, free access to 'AMforum' events, meetings and sessions and free support for search to solutions

  • sponsor

    • as regular and contributing but including the various advertising possibilities, in some situations seperate advertising is possible. Please mail us to learn about possibilities and conditions.