Prague Executive meeting

our host  ČEPS- Czech TSO


Date: March 16, 2007                                                         [REPORTS]

Location: ČEPS  office  Elektrárenská 774


at this meeting we discuss and evaluate issues listed, based on their importance for the group, and try to establish "preference" for our Forum discussions and workshop, scheduled for this October in Cyprus.

I have grouped the issues into technical, strategic, and  planning for Cyprus

1. Technical issues
a. GIS: compact prefabricated outdoor GIS bays - experience
b. SF6: TSO implementation in starting SF6 certification due to new European directive 842/2006. Each member state must answer EU for June 2007 how they will deal with this.
c. Recent events in your company : problem and solutions
d. predictive tools for substations
e. Oil sampling of CTs and VTs.

2. Strategic issues

Strategy of restructuring companies - we have received several interesting scenarios happening at this very moment in Europe - so discussion of
possible "Do's and don'ts" in asset management will be useful based on the following information:
The grid to be managed by our co. will be roughly 4 times as large (in numbers of assets/substations/overhead lines, not geographically). The form
of management is to be agreed with the current grid managers, both the initial and the definitive form, including what will happen with the staff
now performing maintenance on those grids.
- experience with taking over management of existing grids? Management in what form? Lessons learned, do's and don'ts for the process of taking over?
- experience with a central asset management/regional service provider organization model? How is this organized?
Unbundling and change from a partner system on the transmission level to a single owner system
What will be the future of our 110-kV-grid which stays in our company? Are there any recommendations if it could stay alone or if it should merge with other voltage levels?
There is already serious disagreement over Maintenance Policy between asset owner and operator:
What percentage of asset value should be spent on Planned Maintenance.
What strategy do companies employ to get maximum return for their spend.

3. Planning discussion for the Cyprus FORUM

Topics proposed for the forum are :
1. Handling of oil in power transformers
2. Handling of SF6
3. Network refurbishment policies

Topic proposed for the Workshop : AM software tools linked with GIS or data management solutions



15. March   7 p.m. - meeting in the hotel lobby - group dinner in Prague downtown "
U Zlateho Lva", Ovocny trh 17, hosted by CEPS.

16. March   8:30 a.m. - meeting in the hotel lobby - transfer to CEPS office (Elektrarenska 774, Prague 10)
16. March   9:15 - 12:00 - meeting in CEPS office (room No. C404)

16. March   12:00 - 13:00 - buffet lunch

16. March   13:00 - 16:00 - meeting continues

16. March   17:30 - meeting in the hotel lobby - guided tour of Prague and dinner in old city



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