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Partial INDEX of Communications by Members

SF6 repair SAP as an IT tool Painting towers
Outsourcing Mean frequencies CB maintenance Cost of transformer repair
Risk analysis Safety painting towers Breakers for large ratio transformers
DGA on-line instruments OHL wire sleeve inspection SF6 bookkeeping
Commissioning tests on cables 132kV Reactor breaker failures Substation fires
Cables general/construction/maintenance Transformer replacement criteria Monitoring instrumentation
Cables general/construction/maintenance Fire survey - Trafo and Ctrl building SF6 bookkeeping
GIS life extension OHL allowed loading Reactor breaker failures
EMC in EHV substations AM Forum in the USA HV CB control cabinet access
Life expectany of copper conductor for OH network Breakers with grading capacitors  
Partial INDEX of (available) presentations as discussed in our Forum sessions and meetings
AM organisation (14) Outsourcing strategies (4) Regulatory affairs (4)
SF6 leak location & repair (6) Replacement strategies (10) Emergency management (4)
Datamanagement/warehousing(9) Performance indicators/BSC(4) Maintenance Management Systems (4)