ESBI provides the following asset management services:-

  • Policies, procedures and standards for all high-voltage equipment life-cycle management.
  • Assessment of equipment - operational, maintenance, fault histories and spare parts availability.
  • Assessment of equipment serviceability.
  • Provision of transformer overloading guides based on present conditions.
  • Implementation of real-time thermal-overloading solutions.
  • Implementation of on-line condition monitoring solutions.
  • Corrective maintenance recommendations based on both on-line and off-line condition monitoring.
  • Corrective maintenance programme implementation
  • Equipment refurbishment, relocation or replacement recommendations.
  • Defect / fault investigation.
  • Mobile plant design / acquisition.
  • Equipment due diligence studies.
  • Acquisition and installation of equipment inventory, maintenance and fault history as well as maintenance management systems.
  • Electric and magnetic transience programme (EMTP) studies.
  • SF6 gas leak detection service using the latest laser-imaging technology.
  • On-site testing and result interpretation for transmission and distribution equipment.

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