Stuttgart AMforum Executive meeting

March 7th,  Friday  8:30

We are very pleased to invite you at our EnBW-Office in Stuttgart, Germany, on March 7th  2008, at 8:30 am

The address of the office and the map how to get there

Kriegsbergstrasse 32
70174 Stuttgart


PARTICIPANTS from: Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Czech republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands and Germany


  1. IT solution for risk management
  2. Risk Analysis (technical risk, politic risk, stake older risk, etc...)
  3. Change management
  4. Maintenance for Line 125/220/400 kV (the line network is coming old, and disponibility more short)
  5. What will be the future asset management challenge 
  6. Establishment of a Database under the AMforum on equipment mainly of new  technology which after installation proved to have operational and
       functional problems working under the specified conditions or even not  meeting the characteristics stated by its manufacturer such as outdoor GIS. 
    We would be in a position to add significant data on the new technology that have come with problems. Can I suggest that this be expanded to cover new generations of equipment also where the technology is not new. What I mean is that we have received new models of CBs that have performed very poorly from previously reliable manufacturers. A database listing these experiences would be beneficial to all.
  7. Experience gained on implementing communication networks including  wireless networks and protocols as the main means for protection,
       control and interlocking eliminating conventional methods in substations. How such technology could enhance the scope of Asset  Management
  8. Organization and exploitation of the field experience malfunction reports feedback.
  9. End of life of assets
  10. Compensation solution (FACTS, shunt capacitance,...).
  11. Life management: Transformer mid life refurbishment (economics and implementation)
  12. Organization of FORUM 2008


A few of you are certainly  planning to arrive the evening before. We have booked for you few rooms in hotels closed to EnBW office and the Main
Railway Station.:

* single rooms at the Hotel Rieker from 06th. to  07th. March 2008. Tel: 00 49 711 221311 – Code Name: Asset-Management-Forum.
EnBW-conditions: single room incl. breakfast 121 €

* double rooms at the Unger Hotel from 06th. to 07th. March 2008. Tel: 00 49 711 2099-0  - Code Name: Asset-Management-Forum
EnBW-Conditions: double room with breakfast: 107,- €

For both hotels you should mention at the registration, whether you  are checking in later than 6:00 p.m.

 * * *

As always, our host EnBW will be very pleased to invite the participants for a dinner, the evening before on March 6th.

For the guests at the "Rieker Hotel" (Friedrichstraße 3):

from "S-Bahn Station in the "Klett-Passage" coming, you have to follow "Friedrichstraße" a long corridor straight away.
Then on the left, you´ll take an escalator and you arrive just for the Hotel.

For the guests at the "Unger Hotel":

from S-Bahn Station coming please follow straight away "Lautenschlagerstrasse" (leaving a few shops on your right, up  to a flower
shop "Hot spot").  After the flower shop you´ll take an escalator and you´ll see on the right the "Unger Hotel". Please always following "Lautenschlagerstraße".


"Stuttgarter Stäffele" - Evening Diner on March 6th   Thursday evening  from 7. pm.
We can choose to meet together at 6.30 pm at the reception of one of the two hotels. Then we will go all together to the restaurant.
But for colleagues who will come later, this map gives information about the place.  The metro lines are S1 or S6.