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Electricity utilities have been co-operating for decades, mainly in order to maximise the system's reliability and quality of supply, while optimising the use of primary energy and capacity resources. Four regional organisations have emerged from this co-operation:
  • SOI, the association of TSOs in Ireland;
  • UKTSOA, the United Kingdom TSO association;
  • NORDEL, the Nordic TSOs, and
  • UCTE, the Union for the Co ordination of Transmission of Electricity, association of CENTREL, TSOs of the Continental countries of Western and Central Europe

The geographic perimeters of these organisations roughly coincide with the boundaries of synchronously interconnected area.     more>>>



Sponsored by DCI, American Electric Power, Northeast Utilities and Pepco Holdings, over 26 US and Canadian utilities participated in a Forum. AMforum was invited to participate as a guest at this event and had the chance to see the present status of Asset Management in the USA and Canada.

We are bringing to you couple of interesting presentations that would give you the feeling of the status of Asset Management in the North American distribution utilities.  more>>>