CIRED offers a biannual conference and exhibition where developments and best practices in technology and management of the technical side of electricity distribution are presented and reported. CIRED ( organizes specific working groups on current subjects of key interest to the electricity distribution community, whose results are presented at conferences, published and widely distributed as CIRED reports.

CIRED activities address technical staff at utilities, manufacturers and laboratories, active in every aspect of the technical side of electricity distribution of the European area, also welcoming members of the distribution community world-wide.

As this CIRED approach seamlessly connects to the objectives of the AMforum, and on initiative of Dr. Adolf Schweer, the Technical Committee of CIRED strongly welcomes our initiative. AMforum members, if not involved in CIRED activities already, are invited to get involved in CIRED conferences and round table discussions, sharing the experience as gained within the AMforum with the CIRED community.

The objective of this liaison is to direct possible future CIRED activities to particular needs as exposed in the AMforum.

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