INVITATION discussion workshop "data-warehousing"


The best part of a seminar is often the contact with the colleagues of other companies with the objective to share experiences and know-how. With these discussion-workshops we want to make sharing more explicit by exchange of information through presentations and discussions.


Main subject for this discussion workshop is data-warehousing and data-magement. To get an idea about the scope for this meeting we added the figure.



Continuon Netbeheer and Nuon Asset-management will provide an insight of our experience and practices in this area. We will look back a few years (2 - 3 years) and will give an impression of the process and developments we experienced, the problems we have encountered, the successes we have booked and how we implemented the relevant knowledge rules. We will also give a preview of our future plans.


In return we would like to learn from you:

  • Do you have a data-warehouse and if so which subjects are covered?

  • Is data quality an issue and how do you treat it?

  • How do you organise the extraction of data from source systems like ERP or EAM, GIS etc?

  • How is data-warehouse implemented in your organisation? How is it organised?

Or in other words: which tasks are performed by the IT department and which tasks are performed at the business units or departments itself. How are the responsibilities assigned.

And last but not least, in what way does data-warehousing and data-management really contribute to your business reults.


We invite you to share your information. Please try to prepare yourself on previous questions. It is not obligatory, of course, but it supports you as a speaker, stimulates the discussion and it becomes supportive afterwards as a reminder. So, we would like to encourage you to support this meeting with a (short) presentation.


Depending on your input, we will formulate the agenda and set the date. The workshop will be organised for 1 day in the direct vicinity of Schiphol airport but will, of course, depend on your interest. . Please inform us by means of e-mail shown in foot text about:

  •   your presence,

  •   if you contribute with a presentation (subject and duration),

  •   the possible issues you want to see on the agenda.

Yours sincerely,


Jan Bruinenberg

Information manager,

Continuon Netbeheer



planned date:

end of June/beginning of July


Schiphol airport hotel or Continuon office Haarlem

interested in joining the discussion and share your experience? Please send us an e-mail mail and you will be informed about date and venue. Please note that your company must be contributing member if wishing to join.