Strategic Asset Management interactive group discussions



group discussion


a successful, interactive, group discussion on data warehousing and data management principles was organised on September 7, 2005 on request of Continuon. Nine (9) utilities and TSO's have successfully shared interesting information and learned from the progress of the represented member companies.  Read program >>>, visit presentations >>>

group discussion

"risk management

maintenance strategies"

risk management obviously is of major importance for asset managers. On invitation of NUON AM an intensive group discussion was organised to cover this important item and to learn from various experiences. The meeting took place in Amsterdam, March 3, 2006 and was joined by 20 colleagues covering 12 countries and companies. Read program >>>, visit presentations >>>

group discussion

"asset aging"

initiatives covering experience exchange regarding the ageing process of assets may positively influence asset managements performance. The use of statistical information about degradation process in populations of old equipment. How to estimate the re-investment wall for old infrastructure that has a relatively good record of performance> How to create and apply larger data population to make better LCA decisions. All these interesting issues may be subjects for group discussion.



group discussion

"regulator affairs"

how to organize asset managers internationally in order to deal with the regulators, that have indeed good international contacts. Basic idea is to address the subject:

  • how the regulator influence asset managent decisions and, vice versa,

  • how the asset manager can influence the regulatory afairs



interested in joining the discussion or plan initiatives for other strategic workshops? Please send an e-mail mail with preference. If sufficient interest AMforum will facilitate workshop organization. Please note that your company must be contributing member if wishing to join.