INVITATION discussion workshop "RISK-MANAGEMENT"


The best part of a seminar is often the contact with the colleagues of other companies with the objective to share experiences and know-how. With these discussion-workshops we want to make sharing more explicit by exchange of information through presentations and discussions.


Risk management is an important issue in present asset management organisations and decision processes. A complicated issue, addressing not only short term, day-to-day decisions but also long term, strategic issues like long term forecasting of system development.


Risk management is applied at both system and asset level and has always been strongly related to economical/financial affairs. However, there is a growing awareness that decisions should also take into account requirements of social, technical, safety and environmental nature. The latter influences are normally in conflict with the more economically oriented drivers.


Risk management at asset level concerns (re-)investment and maintenance decisions, controlled by the consequences of the decision at the quality of power deliverance at system level. Risk management at system level concerns a diversity of issues, from finding the optimum solution with respect to an increasing power demand to the setting of a required system availability level that allows energy flow against lowest costs possible.


Risk management of transmission networks is a rather new area that is to a large part the responsibility of the asset manager. It is the purpose of the workshop to openly exchange experiences, applied solutions (tools) and realised results in the risk management approach. As such participants are asked to prepare themselves (by means of power point sheets) on the following questions:


  • Do you keep a list of possible risks, do you pre-evaluate as like

    • definition/rough assessment, classification and prioritization

  • Focussing on the most important risks, which do you regard as

    • most common, of major importance, most difficult to manage

  • Please describe any scientific basis (models, experiences, statistics, ...) used by you to make professional and accountable decisions

  • Do you apply an expert system as decision support tool, is this internally developed or commercially purchased

  • Would the risk management process be more asset or system directed or cover both? Short or long term? Directed at all stakeholders’ satisfaction or only the profit oriented? Key Performance Indicator respectively Balance Score Card based? If so, can you share details with us?

  • any other details you want to share



planned date:

end of June/beginning of July


Schiphol airport hotel

interested in joining the discussion and share your experience? Please send us an e-mail mail and you will be informed about date and venue. Please note that your company must be contributing member if wishing to join.